Friday, March 23, 2007

Guatemala Anyone?

The summer of 2006 holds wonderful memories for my family and me. My mom,
little brother Misha, and I spent just over a month in Guatemala, with my dad
joining us for the last week or two. We had the opportunity to teach English
at the Colegio Mesoamericana Patzicia, which I miss greatly. Other adventures
we took part in include mom locking herself in the ATM in Chimaltenango,
running barefoot through the heavy and freezing cold rain storm, riding the
nauseating bus to Momostenango (which almost killed us all,) getting my
makeupbag stolen (It was immitation Louis Vuitton, he must have figured it was
a wallet--hope I made him really mad!) We also left our mark at our house in
Patzicia with artwork on the walls, I performed a mini-concert for the colegio
students, and of course we can't forget the amazing missionary I met.
Guatemala became closer to me than I thought it would, and I had a difficult
time on our plane ride home, not sure if I wanted to go home quite yet.

I did some photography in Guatemala, trying to capture the aunthenticity of it.

Our Shower in Patzicia: (We got lucky here--warm water!!)

Typical Graveyard in Patzicia:

Part of the main street in Chimaltenango:

Catholic Celebration in Momostenango:

Below are photos taken in Comalapa:


Bruce Young said...

What a beautiful country. Somehow life seemed more real in Patzicia--and people were the focus, not tasks or possessions. I think that, overall, people are happier in that kind of world.

Brad said...

whoah.. i went to the same place! same house too! i like your art by the way! it was way fun there, and i take it you met denise? she's a very nice lady! small world eh?