Monday, March 03, 2008

The Latest Happenings in my Life...

As of November of 2007, I have been back in Utah, and though traveling around is one of my great loves in life, Utah is home. I love it here. I decided against transferring to the 24-Hour Fitness here, and have opted for something else. I am working at Hampton Inn (hotel) as a houseman, and hopefully soon-to-be front desk receptionist as well. This job is very different from other jobs I've had, in terms of the atmosphere and energy of the job. I'm used to such high demanding, high energy jobs, and this is one that varies depending on the day, but always requires my creativity to make the day fun rather than a drag.

Also, April is right around the corner, and I am going to start a couple of classes, in addition to the two I am currently taking. I can't wait! Learning is what I live for. I also miss being in a place where I can meet new people and have more of a social life, that will be fun, as will dating ;)

This year has started out extremely well, and will only get better!

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Kako said...

You sound just like a Blair! I love that I found your blogspot. I'll check it often, so UPDATE! And, I love killing me softly, you sing it perfectly!