Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Alright, no stealing my writing or I will hunt you down (no, really, I will.) But I'm going to put some more in my blog since I write so much on an almost-daily basis. I usually write in weird shapes--unstructured--so I'll organize it here, though it won't be perfect.

Circular entities anticipate spring
Fall still so beautiful
We sit in peace

Castles on hills
At the time all is still
Colors sublime
As our eyes gaze

What is eternity, they ask again
Will we know before
or will our guesses be too late

No thought as to when or why or how
Just live in love and all will be shown
In the moments that come

Surprised with such deep feelings unknown
The bliss that comes, the peace

Anywhere in the world, he stands, she stands. Vision shared. To the iris a display, to the mind a film individually made. Perceptions skewed, focus disarrayed, one side of the world to the other, endless contradiction, not to mention the ingrained hate. Intelligent these lies, enough to be seen as truth. Nauseating as it is, magnified the unseen shame. You believe what because why? Surroundings you've been put in, time taken away, time they could be using to think. To form opinions, decisions, ideas, a new world. Contradictions every angle, time too focused on, so it leaves apbruptly. And we watch this, a maddening continuation.

Shafting sounds of light so loud
The aria vaguely changes tunes
Alternating staggered prodigy
Tears the acrylic away

Laid flat for the world's decryption
While the obvious argued with each witness
Lucidness ignites into fog

Abysmal confusion oppugned

Most succumb void of petition
Wonder lost so juvenilely
Your authenticity affirmed
If only you'd give thought to ask

Empyreal eternity
No fear belongs in the substance
Your sanction individual
Leave discursive anxiousness alone

Undertake the unfeigned longing
Though it may feel rugged at first
Unbridle every ounce of trust
The apocalypse is landing

Sweetness saturates all senses
Never again dubiety
The resonating clouds unmoved
As the consummation goes on

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