Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas 2008!

was AWESOME!!! One that will be very memorable. My mom and I shared the kitchen on Christmas Eve. She made her greek olive dish and sweet bread, and I made various Christmas treats along with a vegan dish. We watched It's a Wonderful Life as we always do, while drinking hot chocolate and sitting by the fire.

Then X-mas morning came too fast. I awoke to the boys singing Christmas songs really really loudly and dragged myself out of bed. We did our typical Christmas lineup--youngest to oldest--for our big presents. (I got a new camera, mish got a basketball book and something else, rob got books and a game for his Wii. We all got guitar hero "world tour" to share, which rocks!) Then we opened more presents, went to the Lifferth's for breakfast, dropped by Grandpa Young's place, and spent time/had dinner at Grandma and Grandpa Blair's house family. Ok. Basically just forced myself to write about Christmas in detail for memory's sake, so there you have it. Ha!

News that sucks: Kaila and her fam are moving to Indiana next week and we're all sad about it.

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