Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentines Day

So on Valentines I really wanted to go on a date with some awesome guy. But I didn't. Prob my fault for not showing clear signals with men.. working on it. ha. Anyway, valentines was spectacular, and probably more fun than if I had gone on a date. (With a man outside of my family, that is.) The evening consisted of:

Date #1: cooking/baking with mom. She made a heart-shaped chocolate cake (super cute) and chicken cordin bleu for half the family, while I made a vegan chocolate cake w/ coconut frosting and stuffed tomatoes for the other half.

By the way, this cake was awesome. Def one I'll make again in the future.

*I have posted the recipe on my recipe blog -->

Date #2: Getting a sugar-free dark chocolate bar from the boys in my family and eating it in front of them. Yum.

Date #3: Watching Dirty Rotten Scoundrels with everyone. I was in no mood to watch the movie about George W. Bush titled "W" (not the biggest fan of Bush) & was glad they went along with my suggestion. I think we all had a good time laughing together.

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dramatic sporano said...

One of my missionaries calls Valentine's Day "SAD"--"Single Awareness Day".