Friday, May 16, 2008


I'm not doing the best job at updating my blog, but I think I'll give a brief summary of recent events.

  • I've moved into Carriage Cove Apartments, which has been great. Cute apartment, cool roommates, and get to meet new people. Photos soon, promise.

  • Still working at the hotel while looking for a second job. I've applied to be a personal trainer at 24-Hour Fitness, and have filled out applications for Good Earth as well.

  • I chopped my hair and absolutely love it! I'll post a photo sometime.

  • Have had to deal with a couple of irritating situations regarding men, but we'll avoid those topics.

  • Haven't been taking some of my meds for my health condition and have been feeling so good and normal! Not sure if I've said anything about that, but it's a hassle. We'll see what my doc has to say about it all..

  • Have cooked up quite a bit of food the past while, and I must say I'm getting pretty good. (every other time.)
  • A couple of pretty good friends came home from their missions, neither of which I would date, but it's fun to have them back.

Alright, that's all I will fill you in on. Not much explanation of the details, but hey, at least I made the effort to jot down something.

On a more random note, check out this picture, hah love it:


Kako said...

Exciting changes. I can't wait to see the picture of your hair cut. I am so tempted to chop mine but I have an opposing husband. Should that matter?

myartisfashion said...

Men will always want our hair to be long, but take Kaila, for instance.. she has an opposing husband and chops hers anyway, and it's gorgeous. I want to chop mine into a bob one day, but I know men like long hair, so really it shouldn't matter to me either, but it does.

Kaila said...

I love that sign!

Johanna Lynn Hoover said...

Hip Hip Hooray! You updated your blog!! And your hair is SO cute!