Tuesday, August 19, 2008

August 19th 2008 Update . . .

First off, I will start by saying that I am so excited for my sister Kaila tomorrow! She is being induced in the morning.. oh wait.. sorry Kaila, should I be excited for all that pain you get to go through? I am excited for little Oliver to finally come out and that you will not be pregnated any longer, since he has given you so much joy the past 9 months..

So, also, new job! I'd tell you what it is, but you'd probably not consider me very intelligent after hearing where I work now. I went to high school with the manager, she is such an awesome girl. And finally I work there, because it's honestly so so convenient, and the employees are all really down to earth--not what you'd expect for that kind of place. As for what kind of place it is, let's just say people come in whiter than when they leave. Figured it out?

Lastly, I am no longer living at Carriage Cove apartments. My check-out was this morning, and I wish I would've signed a year contract, because now I'm in desperate need for an apartment and am having no luck. Thankfully my parents live in town so I can stay with them until I find a place.

Life is a beautiful thing, I'm so grateful to have a beating heart and pumping lungs. And everything I have. Heard the news about the Clark's/Nelson's and although I never knew them my heart aches for what they're going through. I can't even imagine.

Alright, I'm off to bed. Hope you all are doing well!

Update: Kaila had her baby boy on the 20th (9lbs 5 oz!) My brother and I snapped quick shots with my cell-phone, he is so so cute.


Johanna Lynn Hoover said...

I hope everything went well for your sister!!

Kaila said...

Damn straight he's cute--he's my kid (p.s. don't tell dad I said damn--or if he sees this, I mean the kind the holds water up, or the abreviation for Denver Art Museum, you know I can't spel).