Thursday, September 11, 2008

Red: End of Silence

My CD of choice to play in my car yesterday was Red's "End of Silence." Absolutely love it. I've read a couple of reviews on this album, both of which the writer had mostly neutral-negative things to say. I, however, identify with deep thinkers, especially musicians and artists who are deep thinkers. Deep thinkers also tend to be deep "feelers" and connect emotions to things. While talking to a friend of mine last night, I told him that one reason I write lyrics and make art is because it is the naturally easy way for me to explain the way I see, feel, or think about things. We joked about how funny it'd be if I were to talk metaphorically to people, which is often how I write lyrics.

Listening to End of Silence was a piercing experience. The instrumentals are phenomenal and the messages conveyed are beautiful. I love feeling relatable to music, and I feel that way with Red. They are one of the bands I'd love to work with. I've noticed in rock music that people bear testimony of their beliefs a lot, which I sometimes do in my music. It has to be an artist thing, the need to understand things deeply and the feeling of unsettledness until what you want to understand clicks. Or even if something doesn't click, that you can see it in a new light and rid the unsettled feeling. With Red's album, I can make sense of the music. The lyrics, the vocals, and the instrumentals together provide a beautiful picture for me and allow me to think--in a way that feels natural. Some music inspires me and/or I grow to like it over time but never feel relatable to it, whereas Red's album lets my artistic-ness just.. flow.

Also, End of Silence is one of the albums that needs to be played at higher volume to get the full effect. The style is rock, though instruments used include piano and violin (which I love love love in rock music, Misha knows that the effect "pierces my soul!" ha) and for that effect, quality listening makes for quality sound.

By the way, I've been writing about two songs per day this past while, I'll have to do a post including lyrics of mine sometime. If my dad would leave his laptop out for me to freely record on, you could hear samples of my latest work. (Yeah.. that'd be nice dad.. how about we switch computers.. ha vista sucks!)


Kako said...

I want your take on Vampire Weekend. I had never heard of it, but I like several of their songs. Check it out and let me know. It might be not what you are use to, but I hear a lot of buzz about it.

Julie Young said...

So I looked "Vampire Weekend" up and love what I've heard! Just heard three songs, but that sort of reggae music definitely speaks to me. Haha. I would call it sun-shiny, thanks for letting me know about them.