Sunday, December 27, 2009

Movies Galore

I've realized that I've been watching movies like mad, mostly thanks to redbox, which is saving me lots of money. I looked at my rental history online & thought I should put the titles here along with a simple "yes" I liked it or "no" I didn't like it. People always blog about movies, so why not..

Curious Case of Benjamin Button: No. Didn't finish this, got bored..
Management: No. Stupid movie, acting wasn't great, dumb plot.
X-Men Origins: Wolverine: Yes. Awesome.
Dance Flick: No. Why did I bother? Couldn't finish it, so lame.
Sunshine Cleaning: Yes. Good acting, good story.
The Hangover: Yes. Great movie. So funny.
I Love You, Man: Yes. Loved this movie! Saw it twice.
17 Again: No. Don't ask. Everyone said it was good-wasn't that great..
Confessions of a Shopoholic: No. Didn't like it so much.
Ghosts of Girlfriends Past: Yes. Decent movie.
Funny People: No. Retarded! I was disappointed.
Observe and Report: Yes. Pretty funny from what I remember.
Year One: No. So dumb, we couldn't finish it.
Land of the Lost: Yes. Actually kind of liked the movie. Kept my attention.

There you have it. I've recently seen other movies as well, but those are the redbox films over the last 90 days. I'll add more to this list accordingly..

Couple's Retreat: Yes. Way funny, but not everyone's kind of humor.
Hannah Montana: Yes. ha ha... watched w/ my niece and enjoyed it!
Almost Famous: Nah. Lame.. (older movie)
Bride Wars: Yeah. Cute. Esp the 2nd time-- watched with French audio.
The Proposal: Yes. Love this movie, seen it a few times.

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