Thursday, June 03, 2010

Indiana has Rockin Storms

I've been in Indiana since April 26th, and will be very sad to leave. I'm staying with my sister and her family. I love and admire them all so much, I can't believe I only have two weeks remaining. We have had SO much fun, though. Girls night, Columbus Idol, movie nights, frequent runs on a beautiful trail, taste of Cincinnati, jungle jims, camping, boat ride, hippie fair, wallpaper stripping, music videos, art projects, phenomenal storms, weekly trips to Bloomington, and more.

Rain is currently falling, while lightning flashes every few minutes. You wouldn't believe the lightning here-- it lights up the whole city. I'll have to come back every summer just for the storms.. and I guess because I love my family. Yeah. It's decided yet again. I really do love my sister and her family so much.

Now just waiting for a tornado before I head to the other side of the world . . .

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