Sunday, July 27, 2008

I'm stealing this from Johanna.

1. Family
2. Music
3. Laughter

1. Losing anyone that is close to me
2. Being crushed by a big car while walking past it in the parking lot. It's more a superstition, but my heart starts beating faster and I pick up the pace when, say, there is a wall to my left, me walking, and a huge truck (parked) to my right. Weird, I know. I picture the event taking place every time.
3. Having to watch someone I love suffer and die & not being able to save them (ex: drowning, torture, seizure, car crash, etc.)

1. Finish vocals and lyrics for the band I'm working with
2. Register for classes at UVU
3. Get another 2nd job (my last one "let go" all the new people)

1. Music
2. Ben Stiller & Jerry Stiller (so hilarious)
3. photography

1. Many things in school (math or one-way thinking) are difficult for me, I am too creative & artistic. That's prob not surprising, though.
2. I think America is full of idiotic beliefs and systems, based way too much around money
3. My mind's complexity annoys me, I dig too deeply into things. For instance, when I watch a commercial, I never think "I want that", but rather think about the tactics being used to make people want to buy the product. Or in scary movies, I can't get scared, because I'm thinking about everything being done to make it scary. At the same time, it's nice, because my beliefs are real. Though life would be easier if I were a lot more "basic" of a person.


~Rob~ said...

Hey! I do that with commercials too! Bugs the hell out of Steph because I say all of it out loud . . . . XD

I still need to help you get the financial aid junk going to fall at UVU. Let me know when you want to get that going. ^^

Johanna Lynn Hoover said...

Yay for post stealing! I love that you are scared of a big truck crushing you into a wall! ha ha you are cute:)

Julie Young said...

Ha Rob that's hilarious about the commercials, great minds think alike. Wow I've heard that saying way too much, did I really just use it? Anyway, yes, I do want your help with financing school!! Asap dude, I have to look for another 2nd job again call me anytime we'll set something up.

~Rob~ said...

Kay, Jewl, here's the first thing I need you to do.

Go to this site. It's the Fafsa site - the government form you need to fill out before they can determine what sort of loans they can give you.

You'll need your tax information and Mom & Dad's tax information from last year (the ones you filed this year). Once that thing's filled out, you'll be able to start the full process and get the actual loan application in. Good luck!